3D Engine

I’m going to try to write a feature complete 3D engine, mainly as a learning experience, and to exercise/perfect my programming style.  It will not be the fastest thing out, but I hope that it will be the most beautiful.  I would like it to be self contained, apart from the graphics and sound api’s everything will be coded by me.


  • Crossplatform
  • Multi API, it will support OpenGL and DirectX for graphics, SDL, Win32 and DirectX for window creation/input handeling etc.
  • Full physics simulation with support for rigid bodies, partical systems, soft bodies etc.
  • Terrain rendering, with LOD, generation of height maps and textures.
  • Generation of trees/shrubs.
  • And whatever else I think it needs.
  • Anyways, thats the plan, I dont know how far I’ll get, how quick it will develop but I’ll give it a go.