Second try

I’m starting from scratch with my game engine.

I have started writing a little editor using QT, and have got a scene graph pretty well implemented.


The features have changed a little, mainly I will not be supporting DirectX, and I will be using the STL or SC++L.

The scene will be loaded and saved into XML files, but nodes can be added like following.

Renderer *renderer = new Renderer;
SceneManager *sceneManager = new SceneManager(fRenderer);

RootNode *rootNode = sceneManager->getRootNode();
MeshNode *mesh = new MeshNode("mesh", rootNode, fSceneManager);
mesh->setLocalTranslation(Vector3(2.2, -2.2, 0));
mesh->setLocalRotation(Vector3(0, 0, 45));

And they can be deleted at any time, without causing any problems.